Popular beaches in Brazil

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Lagoinha do Leste Beach, Florianópolis – Santa Catarina
Praia Lagoinha do Leste is among the most beautiful in Florianópolis and also in Brazil. Hidden in access by trails, Lagoinha do Leste is a beach for those who like to combine a deserted landscape with a good dose of exercise, since it is one of the most difficult stretches of sand to be visited in Florianópolis. To get there, you’ll need to take a boat or one of the two trails along the rocky shores. The view pays off on both routes.

Very well preserved and part of the municipal park of the same name, Praia da Lagoinha do Leste is practically a perfect refuge for those looking for isolation in the midst of nature. The strip of sand is clear, surrounded by dunes and mountains and the sea is smooth, which also tends to attract surfers. See beach tips in Florianópolis .

Praia da Ponta do Corumbau, Corumbau – Bahia
One of the best kept treasures among Bahia’s beaches is the wonderful Ponta do Corumbau , where a long strip of sand enters the sea at low tide and forms a trail that seems to lead straight to paradise. It is the ideal destination for those who want total rest and distance from the hectic life of big cities.

The difficult access to Ponta do Corumbau helps keep it looking like the old days, when the beaches were occupied only by fishing villages. There are no crowds of tourists, large hotels or clusters of tents on the sand. Corumbau is still not a famous beach and what reigns in the place is the tranquility and the movement of the tide, which takes and brings that point of sand and hypnotizes the few tourists who walk there.


Praia da Ponta do Mutá, Barra Grande – Bahia
Praia da Ponta do Mutá offers travelers one of the greatest spectacles on the Maraú Peninsula , in Barra Grande . And we’re not even talking about the beach, which by itself deserves a place on the list, but the magnificent sunset that every day causes commotion among the regulars. It’s hard not to fall in love with the view at the end of the afternoon at Praia da Ponta do Mutá.

In addition to the passionate sunset, in Ponta do Mutá it is worth enjoying the bars with different musical styles and chairs that are always inviting to relax. When the region is full of tourists, the parties usually continue into the night, with a bonfire, good drinks and glasses of sparkling wine to toast the beauties of Bahia. See more about the beaches of Península de Maraú and Barra Grande .


Praia da Barra, Caraíva – Bahia
It wasn’t long ago that Caraíva gained electricity and even today the streets are all made of sand. There are no cars, the inns are small and the charm is still the feeling of being in a destination that has stopped in time. Caraíva is not for those looking for luxury, but it is certainly for those looking for one of the best destinations in Bahia to be happy and have a good vacation.

In Caraíva, tourists divide their time between the sea and the Caraíva River. And the sand point where the two meet is called Praia da Barra. This is the main beach in Caraíva and where most visitors spend the day. Where the river meets the sea, fishermen offer drinks, fresh fish and snacks to spend the day in the sun. Choose your chair and relax, whether in fresh or salt water. The sunset at Praia da Barra is one of the most beautiful spectacles in Caraíva.


Praia da Barra de Camaratuba, Mataraca – Paraíba
The last town on the coast of Paraíba before arriving in Rio Grande do Norte and 100km away from João Pessoa , Barra de Camaratuba is a destination that is still very little known among Brazilians. Surrounded by coconut trees, crystal clear water and the beauty of the mouth of the Camaratuba river, this beach promises to be one of the best discoveries for tourists who love rustic surroundings and surrounded by intense nature.

Barra de Camaratuba is marked by coconut trees, mangroves and lots of wind and good waves, which makes the place a great destination for the practice of sports such as surfing and kitesurfing. The sea can be a little rough, but the mouth of the river always allows for a delicious bath! Other beaches in Paraíba are also worth visiting. It is worth checking out the famous Tambaba , Praia do Coqueirinho and even Tabatinga.