Best beaches to visit in Brazil in 2023

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Moreré Beach, Boipeba Island – Bahia
Moreré is one of the most beautiful and popular settings on the island of Boipeba . The place is surrounded by coconut trees, calm sea and, at low tide, delicious natural pools for bathing and snorkeling. Even by the sea it is possible to enjoy diving, but the ideal is to take a boat or speedboat to go to the most remote natural pools. And if you want to visit Boipeba Island for a more rustic and isolated corner, staying in the village of Moreré is an excellent choice!

To get to Moreré on foot, you will need to cross a river at the end of Praia da Cueira and walk along a coconut farm. It is also worth taking one of the tractors or quad-taxis available to transport tourists in the village of Velha Boipeba. Although Moreré is really wonderful, on Boipeba Island there are other wonderful beaches, such as Tassimirim, Bainema and Ponta dos Castelhanos.

Taipu de Fora Beach, Barra Grande – Bahia
The natural pools of Taipu de Fora are among the most beautiful reasons that bring tourists to Barra Grande , on the Maraú Peninsula . Among the reefs and corals of this little piece of Costa do Dendê, the sea turns into a pool and presents visitors with a paradisiacal setting. Hard to believe that those portions of water in wonderful shades of blue and full of colorful fish form right there, on the edge of the strip of sand.

Unlike other destinations, in Taipu de Fora it is not necessary to take a boat to reach the natural pools. Just enter the sea. An important detail must be observed when visiting Taipu de Fora Beach: the pools are formed only at low tide, especially at full and new moons. The lower the tide, the better the view of the pools. In the region there are other wonderful portions of paradise by the sea, enjoy! Several of them could be ranked as the most beautiful beach in Brazil.

Praia do Aventureiro, Ilha Grande – Rio de Janeiro
Praia do Aventureiro is marked by the beautiful coconut tree that forms a 90° angle and has become one of the most famous images of Ilha Grande, in Angra dos Reis. The place has a long strip of white sand, surrounded by mountains covered in green and transparent water in different shades between blue and green. When visiting the cove that forms Aventureiro, be sure to go up to the lookout located on the right as you look out to sea. The view from the top is wonderful! The attraction is part of the Volta à Ilha tour and is among the unmissable tours for those going to Ilha Grande, one of the most beautiful destinations on the Costa Verde in Rio de Janeiro. See more tips on Ilha Grande

Cedro do Sul and Desert, Ubatuba – São Paulo
Praia do Cedro do Sul and Praia Deserto (or Deserta) are neighbors and divided only by a portion of rocks at high tide. These two small portions of paradise are among the most beautiful in Ubatuba and are part of the Seven Beaches Trail , which also passes through Lagoinha , Fortaleza and Grande do Bonete , among other stretches of sand.

Both Cedro do Sul and Praia do Deserto have water in shades of blue, which is not so common among beaches on the North Coast of São Paulo . The sea is calm and inviting for a delicious bath, especially after the hike. When visiting both beaches, be sure to walk to the left end, where the sea is even more beautiful and can be seen from the top of the rocks with a wonderful view! It is worth mentioning that both are more beautiful at low tide and, of course, with lots of sun! Calculate the time of the trail and see the tide table to reach the peak of beauty.

Mirror, Trancoso – Bahia
Praia do Espelho (or Curuípe ) is one of the biggest attractions in the region around Trancoso and easily enters the list of best beaches in Brazil. Outside the central circuit, it is often not visited by tourists because they think it is too far to reach it. Believe! It is worth every meter of road to Espelho, which also has Praia dos Amores and Praia do Outeiro right next to it. All three are full of natural pools and surrounded by wonderful colored cliffs. It’s that look we dreamed of so much when leaving for Bahia.

Those who are not willing to walk the 17 km between the Quadrado de Trancoso need not worry. It is easily accessible by car, bus, speedboat or ATV. Even though going by motor vehicle to Espelho is easier, we cannot deny how exciting it is to walk and pass by all the wonderful beaches of Trancoso . Oh! Pay attention to the tide table ! The sea becomes a “mirror” at new and full moons, right at the moment between the end of low tide and the beginning of high tide, when the sea turns into a large pool.