Best beaches in Brazil: 5 incredible places to visit at least once!

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Beaches are the desire of many travelers for vacation and rest days. Choosing the best beaches in Brazil is an almost impossible task, not least because there are countless strips of sand surrounded by the sea and spectacular scenery that deserve your visit, whether in summer or in any other season. Among the best beaches in Brazil, there is no shortage of small portions of paradise to be happy with. And, let’s face it, there are people who like lively beaches, others like deserted beaches and many travelers really want a good beach for children .

The list of the best beaches can vary according to the taste and desire of the traveler, but it is true that many of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil are (almost) unanimous in beauty and therefore deserve your visit! With that in mind, we have listed the 38 best beaches in Brazil for you to visit in summer or any other season. When you have a little break, vacation or holidays to enjoy, take advantage and invest in one of these beautiful landscapes.

If your favorite beach isn’t on our list of the best beaches in Brazil, tell us more about it in the comments! The most beautiful beaches in Brazil deserve to be known and, who knows, we might not go there on our next trip. Let’s get to know the best beaches in Brazil!


1- Praia da Baía do Sancho, Fernando de Noronha – Pernambuco
Considered one of the best beaches in Brazil and certainly one of the most beautiful beaches, Praia do Sancho is a must-see in Fernando de Noronha . It is located in the middle of a huge wall of stones and its access is given by the sea or by a staircase created in the middle of a crack in the stone. Access is really not the easiest, but the place is delicious and worth the descent!

At the top there are some viewpoints, which lead to the observation of Praia do Sancho itself and the neighboring Baía dos Porcos and Morro Dois Irmãos, also symbols of the beauty of Noronha. On the stretch of sand opposite the access, in the middle of the forest, a small waterfall usually forms during the rainy season and in the same direction, it is sometimes possible to observe sharks in the sea. One of the many beauties of Fernando de Noronha and certainly one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil!

2- Beaches of Lençóis Maranhenses, Barreirinhas – Maranhão
The most beautiful beaches in Brazil can also be freshwater! And proof of this are the lakes of Lençóis Maranhenses , which form countless pools of rainwater. They are small portions of paradise in the middle of grandiose dunes of fine sand, with water that is almost warm and delicious for a dip. It will only be difficult to choose which of the many lakes to enjoy on a day trip to Lençóis Maranhenses . The good thing is that, with each new portion of water between the dunes, the feeling of being on one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil is repeated.

And even better is knowing that there will always be another lagoon to visit just ahead. To discover the main lakes of Lençóis Maranhenses , you can choose between Barreirinhas , Atins or Santo Amaro . The more adventurous can also cross the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park . Although the most beautiful beaches in Brazil are more common by the sea, we can guarantee that these lagoons deserve all the status, even though they are freshwater!

3- Garapuá Beach, Cairu – Bahia
A paradise that is still being discovered by tourists, Garapuá Beach – located on the island of Tinharé, in the municipality of Cairu – offers an incredible sea, white sand, many coconut trees and lovely natural pools. Shell-shaped and 2 km long, Garapuá pleases both those looking for good infrastructure and those who just want a strip of deserted sand to rest.

Neighboring Morro de São Paulo , Garapuá offers restaurants and kiosks for those who want to spend the day relaxing by the sea, but with a five-minute walk you will already have the feeling of being the only one to occupy that paradise. If the weather permits, walk a little further until you reach the always deserted Pratigi Beach. An incredible double between the beaches of Bahia. Praia de Garapuá can be known by land, but also by sea. On the tour back to the Island of Morro de São Paulo there is a stop to swim in the natural pools of Garapuá. To put your feet in the sand, you will need to take a 4×4 tour. Both are wonderful. When in doubt, do both and fully enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil.

4- Praia Brava, Búzios – Rio de Janeiro
Don’t be put off by the name. Praia Brava does not resemble an unwelcoming environment. Quite the opposite! It is likely to be one of the most inviting stretches of sand in Búzios , in the Lagos Region of Rio de Janeiro . The beautiful view from the lookout point on the road that leads to Brava would be reason enough to attract tourists there, but it goes much further and offers a wonderful sea, an always peaceful environment, empty sand and two of the most elegant bars by the sea in the city. City. Certainly one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil!

You will be happy on a beautiful mattress with an umbrella by the sea, with the right to VIP treatment and beautiful drinks, which always yield wonderful photos! If you want a more peaceful environment, just go to the right corner of the sand strip, where there are no bars or kiosks. Discover more beaches in Búzios . Several of them deserve to be among the most beautiful beaches in Brazil.

5- Praia da Baía dos Golfinhos, Pipa – Rio Grande do Norte
There’s no shortage of beautiful beaches around here! Pipa , in Rio Grande do Norte, is one of those destinations that appeal to all audiences: from those looking for partying to those who are more willing to enjoy the tranquility of life by the sea. There, visitors are invited to spend the day on the various sandstrips, take trips in a dungaree, buggy or boat, enjoy the sunset at Lagoa Guaraíras and the night in the trendy center.

Among the best attractions in Pipa is Baía dos Golfinhos , where, in fact, it will be easy to see dolphins swimming very close to the sandstrip. It is worth mentioning that to reach Baía dos Golfinhos you will have to wait for low tide, when the path runs out of water and it will be easier to reach one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil.