The 25 best destinations for 2021, according to National Geographic — Brazil is on the list!

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Where to travel in 2021? Although 2020 has forced us to stay at home longer, it hasn’t been able to end our curiosity – nor our hope – to explore the world next year. Therefore, National Geographic separated the 25 best destinations to visit in 2021 , among Argentina ‘s glaciers , festivals in China , family outings on the Space Coast and even a typically Brazilian region, surprising and still unexplored.

The list was made based on the opinion of National Geographic tourism editors around the world, divided into five categories (Adventure, Culture and history, Nature, Family, Sustainability). Discover the destinations that will inspire your future journeys and remember why you love to travel!

Top “Adventure” destinations for 2021

The National Geographic list highlights Katmai National Park , in Alaska, with its icy and snow-capped volcanoes, which can only be reached by boat or plane. Pure wild nature, where there is the highest concentration of brown bears in the world! But if you are looking for a freezing adventure a little closer, the tip is Los Glaciares National Park , in Patagonia Argentina, with one of the only glaciers in the world that is growing instead of decreasing.

For less extreme adventures, the suggestion is the Caribbean island of Dominica , with its waterfalls , mountains and crystalline sea. Additionally, the mountainous region of Svaneti , Georgia , has also been cited for its buildings dating back to the Middle Ages and some of the most isolated villages in the country. Check out all the destinations in the category:

??Katmai National Park, Alaska, United States
?? Dominica
??Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina
??Svanetui, Georgia
Main “Culture and History” destinations for 2021

The city of Tulsa , Oklahoma, in the United States , was devastated by racial violence in the past and today builds a better future through a cultural and economic renaissance. History buffs can also explore the 500-year legacy of Portuguese navigators in the Pacific via the island of Guam , and celebrate the resilience of the native peoples of the US state of New Mexico .

The list also includes Asian destinations, such as Tonglu and its traditional festivals, in China , and the city of Gyeongju , in South Korea , known for being an open-air museum. Check out the full list:

??Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
??Pueblos native to the state of New Mexico
?? Guam
??Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country (Spain)
Main “Nature” destinations for 2021
Isle Royale National Park , in Michigan, United States, opens National Geographic’s “nature” list, with its wolves and elk. Also cited are the lights of the Northern Lights present 240 days a year in Yellowknife , Canada; as well as Lord Howe Island , a “paradise lost” listed by Unesco.

But the big difference, especially for us Brazilians, is the surprising mention of the Cerrado . The Brazilian biome is described as “the largest savannah in South America” and “the closest thing we have to a ‘Jurassic Park’”. Praise abounds for the “extraordinary biodiversity, where 5% of all plants and animals on the planet are found”. Despite this, there is also no lack of criticism of deforestation due to the cultivation of soy and livestock activities.

Main “Family” destinations for 2021

Planning a family trip? National Geographic indicates a cultural immersion in the indigenous side of the province of British Columbia , in Canada. Another great suggestion is a tour of Florida’s Space Coast , where you can visit attractions such as the Kennedy Space Center , in Cape Canaveral, close to Orlando .

In Europe, the suggestion is to take the England Coast Path , the longest coastal path in the world! If you’re still in the mood, get to know the swamps and cowboys of Hortobágy , in Hungary, and discover Transylvania , in Romania, far beyond Dracula.

Check out National Geographic’s list of “Family” destinations:

??British Columbia Province, Canada
??Space Coast, Florida, United States
?? England Coast Path, United Kingdom
??Hortobágy, Hungary
??Transylvania, Romania
Main “Sustainability” destinations for 2021

The city of Denver , in the US state of Colorado, is described as a “green giant”, with 200 new kilometers of bike lanes by 2023 and 100% electricity with renewable energy sources by 2030. worth visiting Alonissos , in Greece , known as “The Parthenon of shipwrecks”.

Take some time to get to know the sustainable development of tourism in Gabon , an African natural paradise where 80% of the territory is covered by forests. If the beach is your business, the crystalline sea and corals of New Caledonia , in the Pacific, are the right choice. The eco-chic Copenhagen , in Denmark, and the natural fairs in Freiburg , in Germany, were also mentioned.

Check out National Geographic’s list of “Sustainability” destinations:

??Denver, Colorado, United States
?? Alonissos, Greece
??New Caledonia
?? Copenhagen, Denmark
??Freiburg, Germany