The 10 best cities in Brazil for digital nomads

We’ve already talked about the best destinations for digital nomads here . But how about getting to know the Brazilian cities that offer the best infrastructure for those who work remotely? For this new type of professional, it is possible to work from anywhere with internet access. Therefore, we consider the connection speed, as well as the cost of living, rental prices, nearby attractions and security when defining the best cities in Brazil for digital nomads .

Check the list and pack your bags: It is possible to be a digital nomad without leaving Brazil!

10 – Sao Paulo (SP)
Impossible not to mention São Paulo when it comes to work. Yes, the capital of São Paulo may have 1,001 defects, but it has at least a million qualities. Cosmopolitan, modern, functional… It’s amazing how things work in São Paulo. It only takes a few days here and you feel even more productive, such an offer of shared offices, networking and fast internet.

In what other city in Brazil could you order a pizza at 3 am — and receive it twenty minutes later? São Paulo is used to people badly. Experience life in the big city intensely, even temporarily. Living in São Paulo is something every digital nomad should do at least once in their lifetime. Leave all your prejudices at home and go without fear of being happy!

São Paulo for digital nomads
São Paulo: a city made to catch up on work with great productivity

Digital nomad in Sao Paulo
Ibirapuera Park: São Paulo is not a “stone jungle” and has great attractions

São Paulo for digital nomads can be more expensive than other cities. But the high cost of living is offset by the high quality of services and care. It’s easy to find apartments available for temporary rent on AirBnb or Vrbo , just make sure you choose the neighborhood that best suits your needs. The pace is hectic, with many attractions . But like any big city, there are security issues — nothing you should be so concerned about as to derail your stay. Maintain basic precautions. There are police in the main points of the city.

Internet: ????? (5/5)
Cost of living: ????? (5/5)
Attractions: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)
Security: ??? (3/5)
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9 – Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Rio de Janeiro is still beautiful — and it ‘s far from being as dangerous as people say. If you avoid the common mistakes on a trip to Rio , you will have a great (and unforgettable) experience. The Marvelous City is a world-famous destination, visited year-round by tourists from all over the world. You’ll never be alone. Your biggest challenge as a digital nomad will be getting away from distractions and balancing work and play — let’s just say Rio’s beaches can ruin your productivity.

Do you want an advice? Escape the Zona Sul, the most touristic (and expensive!) region of the city. Try living in Barra da Tijuca, a neighborhood with good infrastructure and cheaper rents, full of malls with coworking spaces . The neighborhoods of Botafogo and Tijuca also have everything a digital nomad needs. You can still live “isolated” in Paquetá or Ilha da Gigoia, just a few minutes from the city. Even renting an apartment in Niterói, on the other side of the bridge, can be worth it.

Rio de Janeiro for digital nomads
Rio de Janeiro: the Marvelous City is a paradise for digital nomads

An interesting fact about Rio de Janeiro is that it is not just a “Wonderful City”. In fact, the entire state is wonderful! Want a crystal blue sea? The Lagos Region is your best option, with renowned destinations such as Arraial do Cabo , Búzios and Cabo Frio . Lesser known, the cities of Saquarema and Rio das Ostras are equally beautiful and close by.

Arraial do Cabo for digital nomads
Arraial do Cabo: paradise with crystalline beaches in the Lagos Region, in the state of Rio de Janeiro

If you prefer green tones and beautiful vegetation around, Costa Verde is the perfect choice. The historic city of Paraty offers an inspiring and bucolic environment, great for awakening creativity. Ilha Grande , in Angra dos Reis, has a paradisiacal coastline and a lot of nature — however, instabilities in the internet service can be frequent in this region. Be ready.

The state of Rio de Janeiro still has a beautiful mountainous region, with cities like Petrópolis , Teresópolis and Nova Friburgo doing well in terms of landscapes and comfort. It is not uncommon to find wooden chalets and a pleasantly chilly climate — yes, in the middle of Rio de Janeiro.

Paraty for digital nomads
Paraty: historical city located in the region known as Costa Verde, in the state of Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro for digital nomads can be surprisingly accessible and convenient. Everything will depend on a combination of choices, such as the neighborhood where you intend to live and your consumption pattern . The good news is that the main attractions are free — that is, the beaches and parks. Security has improved in recent years, but always be alert and avoid the notoriously dangerous parts of the city, especially at night. When in doubt, ask a carioca.

Internet: ????? (5/5)
Cost of living: ???? (4/5)
Attractions: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)
Security: ??? (3/5)
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8 – Florianópolis (SC)
Florianópolis is not called “Island of Magic” by chance. In addition to beautiful beaches, gastronomic itineraries and many parties, the capital of Santa Catarina offers attractions for all tastes. Floripa is divided into two worlds: north and south. To the north, urban landscapes, ballads and excitement. To the south, peace and quiet. From north to south, the island of Florianópolis is around 54 km long and each piece has a distinct characteristic, with its main attraction always being nature, in its most diverse forms. Outside the high season, the island is much emptier — and cheaper — which is great for nomads.

Florianópolis for digital nomads
Florianópolis: a paradise from north to south

Digital nomad in Florianopolis
Floripa has beautiful beaches, security and good prices outside the high season.

Florianópolis for digital nomads is a liberating experience. Having all the facilities of a big city in the midst of so much nature allows for the creation of healthier habits, personal organization and a different routine. Take advantage of your stay in the city to get to know everything it has to offer, including shared offices, which are starting to become popular on the island.

Internet: ????? (5/5)
Cost of living: ??? (3/5)
Attractions: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4/5)
Safety: ????? (5/5)
7 – Vitória (ES)
The capital of Espírito Santo does not disappoint. Vitória — or Vitorinha , for the intimate — is the least known among the capitals of the Southeast, and precisely for that reason it preserves a calm rhythm of a country town and fair prices. It is impossible to visit Vitória and not stop by Vila Velha, where you will probably find more apartment options for rent. It is common to pass through different cities in Greater Vitória on the same day, as they are all close to each other.

Vitória is known to be a city for work. Incidentally, the state flag says “Work and Trust”. Want something better for a digital nomad? However, sunny days and blue skies abound. An hour’s drive separates the capital of Espírito Santo from the beautiful beaches of Guarapari; or the mountains of Domingos Martins, in the mountain region of Espírito Santo. Diversity abounds here.

Vitória (ES) for digital nomads
Vitória (ES): quiet pace of an inland city and fair prices

Victory for digital nomads is synonymous with quality of life. It is possible to reconcile a routine of work and leisure in the right measure — the very small size of the city makes this possible. Costs are affordable and the feeling of security is good. Just don’t expect too much action.

Internet: ???? (4/5)
Cost of living: ??? (3/5)
Attractions: ⭐⭐⭐ (3/5)
Safety: ???? (4/5)
6 – Curitiba (PR)
Not only do digital nomads live on the beach. Curitiba is an excellent option for a big city, away from the coast and with a nice chill . The capital of Paraná is famous for its careful urban planning, beautiful green areas and quality public transport, offering an excellent standard of living for residents. And, believe it or not, it can be a surprisingly cheap destination. Compare rental prices in Curitiba and other capitals: the difference is considerable. Get used to the peculiar way in which kids and girls welcome visitors and welcome to a city that seems to have been born ready for remote workers.

Curitiba for digital nomads
Botanical Garden in Curitiba: capital of Paraná is a great choice for digital nomads

Foz do Iguaçu: the city of the falls is not so close to Curitiba, but it has direct flights

Curitiba for digital nomads is to escape the obvious. The city is far from the tropical stereotype and looks much more like a European capital — which is an attraction in itself! The quality of services and fair prices are fantastic. The weather can be changeable, so never go out without your umbrella.

Internet: ????? (5/5)
Cost of living: ??? (3/5)
Attractions: ⭐⭐⭐ (3/5)
Safety: ???? (4/5)
5 – Pirenópolis (GO)
Pirenópolis is the perfect destination for digital nomads who want to work peacefully in the midst of nature. Located just 150 km from Brasília and 130 km from Goiânia, the city is neither too close for a day trip nor too far away to spend a lot of time. An excellent option in the Midwest to escape your home office , with beautiful waterfalls to cool off and great dining options in its preserved historic center.

Pirenópolis for digital nomads
Pirenópolis (GO): work in the middle of nature, but not so far from everything

Pirenópolis for digital nomads offers peace and quiet. “Piri” is small, welcoming and safe, without major worries. Finding long-term accommodation isn’t always easy (or cheap), so staying a week or two might be more than enough to catch up on work and rest. Wi-Fi speed is ok, but don’t count on cell phone signal at the waterfalls.

Internet: ??? (3/5)
Cost of living: ??? (3/5)
Attractions: ⭐⭐⭐ (3/5)
Safety: ????? (5/5)
4 – Belo Horizonte (MG)
A city is about to be born with more welcoming people than Belo Horizonte . In addition to the good neighborhood and a lighter pace than other metropolises, get ready for the best cuisine in Brazil (does anyone disagree?), with great shared office options, accompanied by cheese bread and “cafezin”. Despite the hills, getting around the capital of Minas Gerais is easy. The low prices and the feeling of security (with the exception of some areas in the center) make life a lot easier.

Belo Horizonte for digital nomads
Just a few days in BH to understand why the city’s skyline is beautiful

Here’s an important tip: consider the entire state to work as a digital nomad, don’t just stick to Bêagá . The historic cities of Ouro Preto , Tiradentes and Diamantina are an oasis of tranquility. And who said that Minas Gerais doesn’t have a beach? Discover Capitólio , surrounded by waterfalls that form the “sea of ​​Minas”. You will not regret!

Mining towns for digital nomads
The interior of Minas reserves several interesting cities for digital nomads

Belo Horizonte for digital nomads is a world to be explored. Don’t limit yourself to the city’s parks and bars, but go on round trip tours to the interior of the state. The “mineirice” and well-being climate favors a peaceful and productive environment to work on the internet. When choosing a place to live, make sure there is a gym nearby. Youre gonna need it.

Internet: ????? (5/5)
Cost of living: ??? (3/5)
Attractions: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4/5)
Safety: ???? (4/5)
3 – Ithacar (BA)
Itacaré is one of the most beautiful destinations on the coast of Bahia. The Costa do Cacau region, covered by an intense strip of Atlantic Forest, still has deserted beaches known only to fishermen, surfers and adventurers. Although it has grown a lot in recent years, Itacaré still maintains an atmosphere of untouched beauty — but with good infrastructure and attractive prices. It is a lively city, full of restaurants, shops, bars and parties, where digital nomads in search of contact with nature will feel at home. Between one day of work and another, you can even learn to surf.

Itacaré for digital nomads
Itacaré, in Bahia: for digital nomads in search of contact with nature

Digital nomads in Itacaré
Deserted beaches and low prices on the Cocoa Coast

Itacaré for digital nomads is practically a paradise. The town is small and charming and you can do everything on foot — especially the trails that lead to the best beaches. Please note, however, that internet access may be interrupted from time to time. On the farthest beaches, the signal is non-existent. Being a digital nomad in Itacaré is not for everyone, but it has its advantages. Disconnecting easily for curiously being one of them.

Internet: ?? (2/5)
Cost of living: ?? (2/5)
Attractions: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4/5)
Safety: ????? (5/5)
2 – Aracaju (SE)
Although it is a capital, Aracaju still preserves a small town feel. Everything is close — Uber rides are usually fast and cheap. The attractions are relatively empty, the cost of living is low, and there is a comfortable sense of security. Incidentally, Aracaju is often chosen as the capital with the best quality of life in the Northeast . Beautiful beaches that stretch for miles, warm weather, good food, friendly people… can you ask for more?

The neighborhoods of Atalaia and Coroa do Meio have everything a digital nomad needs, with many options for beachfront apartments, shops and restaurants. The neighborhoods of 13 de Julho and Jardins are much closer to shopping malls and parks, but the beach is “right there”. Remember: nothing is far in Aracaju. The practicality of coming and going, solving everything quickly, almost gives first place to the capital of Sergipe. Almost. Still in the Brazilian Northeast , another city manages to be even better…

Aracaju for digital nomads
Aracaju, the “quality of life capital” of the Northeast

Aracaju for digital nomads is to have a simpler and more practical life. The city’s compact size makes it easy to get around. Low prices, on the other hand, naturally increase your purchasing power, giving you a pleasant feeling of feeling “rich”. But with the exception of Forró Caju — one of the biggest June festivals in Brazil — and the amazing Xingó Canyons , don’t expect must-see attractions. Aracaju is to enjoy calmly and catch up on work. The “most beautiful shore in Brazil” is an invitation to maintain healthier habits. In case you feel bored, Salvador and Maceió are within walking distance.

Internet: ???? (4/5)
Cost of living: ? (1/5)
Attractions: ⭐⭐⭐ (3/5)
Safety: ????? (5/5)
1 – João Pessoa (PB)
It’s hard not to surrender to João Pessoa ‘s charms . The capital of Paraíba is where the sun rises first, where forró speaks louder. It has beaches, coconut trees and warm weather all year round. In addition to an unbeatable cost-benefit. It is, without a doubt, the best city in Brazil for digital nomads .

Try renting an apartment in the neighborhoods of Tambaú, Cabo Branco or Bessa. There are modern condos available for short-term rentals, with a gym and rooftop pool, in addition to views of the greenish beaches. Walk along the shore in the morning, work in a shopping mall by the sea in the afternoon, and at the end of the day don’t miss the sunset on the river beach of Jacaré, to admire Ravel’s Bolero played on sax every day. At night, the Craft Fair is the perfect place to relax and eat tapioca. João Pessoa offers a delicious routine of work and fun, with a lot of structure and natural beauties to envy any other northeastern capital. Sorry , Aracaju.